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Super Clinic Gym Super Deal Before Christmas

Super Clinic Gym Super Deal & How To Stay Fit and Active This Christmas!

First – before you read up on how to stay in shape this Christmas as you are faced with delightful choices for days at a time – let’s have a quick recap about the Super Clinic Gym.   But let’s keep it short – because you are really busy!

Now – the main difference between Super Clinic Gym and all other gyms around is that we are also a medical clinic.  And because of this we are able to combine medicine and gym workouts to give you the very best outcomes.  All members are eligible for a checkup from our GPs, where not only do you get the tick to work out – but importantly you also get a measured, reliable starting point for your training.  All the important health measurements are carefully taken – which means that in 6 months you can go back and get it done again – to see your progress!   Your GP and blood tests (if suggested by the GP) are bulk-billed.   (You do not need to change GPs if you have one at another clinic.)

On top of this ground-breaking approach to training, our Personal Trainer Karl is a genius at setting you up on the best training program to suit you and your own goals.

You get the idea – this is a wonderful asset for you.

Get A Free Month Membership At Caboolture Super Clinic

Now the deal. 

If you become a Member in December or January – you get a free month’s Membership. 

If you are already a Member, and you introduce friends or family who become a Member – then YOU also get a free month!   You can introduce as many people as you want.  Introduce 12 new members and you are set for the year!

It is pretty simple – and you can call and talk with Karl to get further details or to find out exactly how to get started.  The gym is multi-generational, which means we have grandparents, parents and children all training together.  If you have decided you want to get healthier, stronger and more vital – then you are invited to find out more!

Stay Fit and Active Over These Holidays With These Simple Ideas…

Exercise can help you manage the impact of holiday indulgences and stress.

Holidays are festive and hectic times.  Between family gatherings, shopping trips and decorating, it can be hard to squeeze in a workout.  So it’s important to keep physical activity on your daily to-do list during this fun and often trying time of year.

How exercise and movement helps:

  • Exercise boosts mood. The mood-enhancing benefits of exercise can help you manage stress of the holidays.
  • Exercise burns calories. It can help you maintain a healthy weight even after indulging in that large holiday meal. There’s nothing like a walk after a carb-laden feast.
  • Exercise can be fun. A game of cricket or backyard bowls with guests can provide laughs and exercise. In winter in many parts of the country, the weather provides bonus activities to help you stay active, such as swimming at the beach.
  • Exercise is a good way to spend time with your loved ones. Instead of sitting on the couch watching the game, get outside and play a game together or go for a walk.

At home 
Cleaning the house is one way to build physical activity into your day.  Burn calories by vacuuming and dusting, scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom floors, decluttering the garage, or cleaning up the yard and scrubbing down the outdoor furniture.  Once the house is clean, invite your friends and family over for a golf, tennis or bowling tournament using your fitness-oriented video-game system.  Or set up outdoor games and enjoy your yard.  (Yes I know it is Christmas – but you will do some cleaning up – so when you do – CRUSH IT!)

At community facilities
Around the holiday season, take a walk around your neighborhood to view the decorations.  If the weather is agreeable, go for a hike at a local park or bush walk.

Making the effort to move regularly during the Christmas break may seem like a challenging task to add to your growing to-do list.   However, it will help you feel better and avoid weight gain, which could prevent added stress later on.

Extra Tips:

  1.  Eat slowly at your feast!  Research shows that this usually results in us eating less – and still enjoying it to the same degree.  If you are the main cook and bottlewasher – consider having smaller servings as there are likely to be many of them!
  2.  If drinking alcohol – have plenty of water as well.  Every third drink (or whatever you choose) as water will make your body thank you later.
  3.  When you are full – STOP eating for a while.  Move around, play with the kids or grandkids (they will love the attention and the memories) – do this BEFORE you go for a long nap in the afternoon…
  4.  Do not eat things just because they are there – or because they are offered to you – use my favourite line “They look great – but I am saving room for lunch/dinner/dessert.

Have a safe and happy Christmas.

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