Revolutionary Health Program Launched at Caboolture Super Clinic

The Combined Power of Modern Medical Science PLUS Elite Exercise Methods to Get You Safe, Predictable Results...

What if... a Modern Gym & Fitness Centre Combined With a Modern Medical Centre To Work Together to get You the VERY BEST RESULTS from Your Exercise Program?

What if your GP and your Personal Trainer were able to use modern science to create a program that is perfect for YOU?  Right from the start you can see exactly where your Health Score is - and you both feel and MEASURE your progress accurately?

Guess What - You CAN Now Do This At Caboolture Super Clinic & Fitness Centre...

We believe that almost EVERYONE will be healthier, will feel better, will look better and will have a better life - if they can only get started with the right exercise program.  

It has to be safe.  It has to be effective.  It has to start at the right level (baseline) for each person.  And it has to progress at the right level (gradient) - not too fast - not too slow for each person.  Plus you need a friendly support team on your side.

Now you can easily apply our new system to do exactly that.  This means that you can take those steps to change, that you know you should have been doing - but it was too hard or confusing - or there was no one to look after you.  The first step is easy - and then we simply guide you along your unique path.

Here is how it works (Health Check are Bulk-billed!):

  1. ​You call our Senior Personal Trainer, Karl (He is super friendly!).  He takes care of organizing everything.  He will explain a few things on the phone, then organize a time to meet.   At that meeting he will ask you a few questions - and then he will set up a time for you to see one of our experienced GPs in the Clinic. (NOTE:  If your usual GP is at another Clinic - that is fine - they wont mind.  We will send a copy of your tests to them.  They will still be your normal GP.)
  2. There is a great chance you will be able to simply go straight downstairs to the clinic, with no waiting.  This program has a high priority because it is so important.  In your GP Health Check - your GP will check over you thoroughly.  You will also have some blood tests, and perhaps other tests.  The goal of this examination is two-fold.  First - you need to know that you are in good enough shape to begin.  The other goal is to create a baseline in the tests - so you can see the improvements at your NEXT check up!  The tests vary - but will include your blood pressure, your lipids (your cholesterol levels), perhaps your blood sugar, plus any other test that is a good idea for you.
  3. Once you have your Health Check complete, and the results are back - you will meet again with Karl for your Initial General Fitness Test.  The purpose of this is also two-fold.  First, you need to know your baseline fitness level.  This will guide Karl to create a program that starts at the right level for you (not too hard to start!), Your Program also progresses at the right speed for you.  The other purpose of this measuring is to allow you to see your progress after you have trained for a while, and then again in the future.  
  4. The combination of the best of medical science from our Fitness GP with the simple, graduated path to fitness that Karl will create for you has super powers!!  Each 3 (or 6) months, you will do another test.  At 6 months you will visit your Fitness GP again for more tests.  Our program is designed based on the medical research that shows that the training methods you use will give improvements not only in how you feel and look - but also in your blood tests! 

What Will Your Cost Be For This Amazing Program?

Your only ongoing cost is your Gym Fees.  Your visits to our Fitness GP and blood tests are bulk-billed (in most cases).  Your Fitness Assessment with Karl as well as your program and your regular reviews are included in the Gym Fees.

This Program is available to patients and non-patients of Caboolture Super Clinic.  You do not have to change your GP, but your Health Check will be best conducted at our Clinic.   This allows us to keep your data available for review - so you can see your progress.

Current gym fees are $12.50 per week, paid monthly ($54.16).  There is a one-off fee for a Magnetic Gym Access Card to give you entry.  Children under 16 years are $8.75 per week, but enquire about our Family Rates - as it is proven that families that train together have great outcomes.

There is no additional charge for your health assessments, your program creation, or for your ongoing support from our Personal Training team.  You will be shown exactly what to do, and will be observed carefully.  Your reviews will be pre-scheduled.  (Don't worry - it is fun once you get started!)

What Are Some of The Benefits You Get From a Scientifically Designed Program?

  • Wide range of physical and mental health benefits.
  • Improved muscle strength and tone​
  • Maintaining flexibility & balance​
  • Weight management & improved muscle to fat ratio​
  • ​Greatly improved sense of well-being
  • Keeps your brain sharper, and may prevent cognitive decline​.  For all ages.
  • Prevention or control of chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, back pain, obesity & depression
  • ​Better night's sleep, and avoidance of insomnia
  • Improved self esteem and confidence
  • You look and feel better
  • Protects your joints and bones from injury​
  • Helps you avoid falls and stay independent
  • ​When you gain muscle, your body burns more energy even while at rest
  • ​Enhanced performance of everyday tasks.
  • ​Pain management is improved.
  • Improved posture.  This one thing can make a huge difference to your health and vitality.
  • Increased bone density and reduced risk of osteoporosis​
  • ​Improved skin tone, hormone balance, and happiness.

Imagine... With the right support and guidance you can begin the training program with confidence.  It will make you both feel better, and look healthier.   Careful planning plus simple steps means anyone can achieve the goal of improving every week.  You start at the right level for you - so you don't get massively sore.  And you progress at the right level for you - so you get stronger, more stable, leaner - and feel good about life...  You get to apply the same systems that professional athletes use.

Who Is This Program Best For?

This is the very same protocol that is used by professional athletes.  Their baseline fitness and blood work is checked and measured.  A special program is created that best matches their current state - and their expected progress.  Then this is measured and monitored to ensure all is on track.

This is also the same protocol used to rehabilitate people after an illness or injury.  Measure the important things, do scoring, record, and create a program that suits best.

For this reason, this program is suitable for every member of your family.  It will guide the very fit, strong and healthy to further improvements.  It will help the slightly out-of-shape to smoothly become back into shape - scientifically.  And it will definitely also help those who are a bit further out of shape - who desperately need to rebuild their ability to maintain their balance to avoid falls, to build bone and joint strength to retain their independence.   

We designed and selected this program to firstly suit our patients.  When you train properly - not only does your health improve, but your sickness decreases.  Many conditions cannot be cured just with drugs - but when you add in good training programs - your quality of life improves.  ​ 

Take The First, Easy Step Today - Call Karl   (07) 5315 8888 For More Info