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Bulk Billed Psychology Services – Caboolture

Terrence Rundell BSc(Psychology), Grad Dip Psychology, Post Grad Dip Psychology is a skilled Psychologist with additional graduate and post-graduate qualifications.  Terry manages GP-referred adult and paediatric patients and is skilled in the management of depression, anxiety and neuro-developmental disorders.

 Psychology Services Bulk Billed Caboolture

The Better Access initiative MBS items allows Medicare benefits to be provided for psychological therapy provided by clinical psychologists and focused psychological strategies.

Bulk Billed Psychologist Services Caboolture (10 Visits per Year)

At Caboolture Super Clinic, this is bulk-billed for eligible patients ensuring universal access. This allows up to ten allied mental health services in a calender year, and in exceptional circumstances an additional six psychology services.

How To Become Eligible for Bulk Billed Psychology Services

In order for a patient to be eligible, for bulk-billed psychology services the patient must be referred by a GP managing a patient under a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan, or referred by a medical practitioner who is managing the patient under a referred psychiatrist assessment and management plan (item 291); or on referral from a psychiatrist or a paediatrician.

What this means is that if you feel that seeing a psychologist may help you, then you simply need to book a consultation with one of our GPs, who will create a Mental Health Treatment Plan if that is suitable for you.  This plan will get you six bulk billed visits with our psychologists.  If you need more, you re-visit your GP and this can get you four more visits.   If there are exceptional circumstances, you may be eligible for an extra six services.

This is an excellent service – and means that you are able to access psychologist services.

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