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Podiatry Services Are Available At Caboolture Super Clinic

Podiatry is an important part of our health.  Often we do not think about our feet until things go wrong – and then we get a rapid reminder how important foot health really is.  If you have pain – you need to book in straight away because our podiatrist Shaun is marvelous.

Podiatrist Caboolture

Shaun Hopkins – Podiatrist Caboolture Super Clinic

Here are some situations where you need a good podiatrist (foot health specialist):

  1.  Foot Ailments.  There can be a number of different sources including ingrown toe-nails, fallen or weak arches, low circulation in your feet, chronic illnesses or simply because you are on your feet all day.
  2. Sports and Exercise.  It is incredibly important to keep moving.  Our general health relies on it – but when your feet are not in optimal condition it can put the brakes on your goals.  Sports can cause a number of different problems including shin splints, spurs (growths on your heels), plantar fascitiis (heel pain – one of the most common problems), stress fractures, ingrown toe-nails, or you may need orthotics or advice on specialist sporting shoes.  And while you are with Shaun – ask about how to reduce smelly feet!
  3. Getting Older.  As we get older your feet need some extra attention.  Your podiatrist can help you with your corns, your cracked heels, your bunions, your thickening nails, your loss of feeling or sensation in your feet – or simply to help you look after those parts you can not reach!
  4. Your Children’s Feet.  Obviously you will become aware of problems if you children complain of sore feet and legs – or you notice flat feet or plantar warts (painful warts on the sole of your feet).  But because they are growing you need to pay extra attention.  Here are some clues on what to look for from the Australian Podiatry Association:
    • Your child walks on their tip toes.
    • You notice uneven shoe wear.  Pretty obvious – just look at their shoes for clues.
    • Your child has recurring pain or soreness in their feet or legs with may increase when they are more active
    • Your child appears to be asymmetrical – or does not seem even to both sides.
    • Skin rashes or lumps on their feet.
    • Your child trips over their own feet when walking or running.
    • Here is a link to more info about babies and children’s foot health.
    • And then check yourself for the same issues – they happen in adults too!

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Please Note:

  1. Our Podiatry Service in DVA approved.
  2. Patients (Non-DVA) can have their Podiatry services bulk-billed if you have a GP Management Care Plan (used to be called an Enhanced Primary Care Plan or EPC).  If you need to find more out about getting a Care Plan – please call our Reception Team on 5315 8888.  It is easy, and can make a big difference.