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Our Allied Health

  • Julie Long, B.Hlth Sci (Nut & Diets) Hons (Dietitian & Nutritionist)

Julie completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Nutrition and Dietetics with Honours and is a practicing accredited dietitian and nutritionist.  Julie conducts nutritional assessments, interventions and ongoing monitoring and evaluation of her patient’s nutritional status.  Julie is skilled in evaluating and modifying patient’s diets to meet their nutritional needs and/or disease states, and importantly is able to provide palatable and sustainable meal plans for long term success.  Julie uses relevant evidence-based dietary guidelines, health position statements, nutritional databases and other evidence-based nutritional resources to underpin dietetic education and interventions.

  • Karl Petzke, B.Education, Grad Dip Exercise & Sports Nutrition (Personal Trainer & Nutritionist)

Karl is a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist and works at the Caboolture Super Clinic Gym, offering personal training sessions as well as group classes.  Karl is passionate about healthy living, and is heavily into sports, gymming and swimming.  Karl helps clients achieve their maximum potential through exercise, healthy living and good nutrition.

  • Shaun Hopkins, B.Sci (Podiatrist)

Shaun is an experienced Podiatrist who has been practicing since 2001.  Shaun enjoys making a difference in people’s lives with exemplary podiatric care.  Shaun delivers professional care with empathy and compassion to a broad spectrum of patients.  Services include diabetic assessments, paediatric podiatry, ulceration / wound care, biomechanics, orthotic therapy and nail surgery.

  • Terrence Rundell BSc(Psychology), Grad Dip Psychology, Post Grad Dip Psychology (Psychologist)

Terry is a skilled Psychologist with additional graduate and post-graduate qualifications.  Terry manages GP-referred adult and paediatric patients and is skilled in the management of depression, anxiety and neuro-developmental disorders.

  • Jessie Aspinall Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology (Exercise Physiologist)

Jessie completed a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology in 2014. Since graduating, she has worked in the private sector with Caboolture Super Clinic where she focuses on musculoskeletal rehabilitation and chronic disease management. Jessie will also be leading Exercise Physiology Classes in the Caboolture Super Clinic Gym for different groups including 1) Young & Fit, 2) Over 50’s, 3) Type 2 Diabetics.  Her passion, in particular, is working with the ageing population and assisting them in having an improved quality of life, regardless of age-related diseases and disorders. Her personal interests include dancing, hiking and cooking.

  • Sari Fink MSpPath, BA(HumServ/Psych), CPSP, MSPA (Speech Pathologist)

Sari is an experienced speech language pathologist who has expertise working with children aged between 2-18 years. Sari is a practising Member of Speech Pathology Australia. Sari has a Masters Degree in Speech Pathology from the University of Queensland and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from James Cook University. Sari was awarded an Academic Medal for her psychology course work at JCU. Sari has proven experience working with children and her caring and friendly nature allows her to easily build relationships and rapport with children, creating a safe and enjoyable learning environment.

  • Nicolas Mascali Bachelor of Exercise and Movement Science, Master of Physiotherapy (Physiotherapist)

Nicolas completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Movement Science in 2011 and a Master of Physiotherapy Studies in 2013 and now offers comprehensive physiotherapy services at Caboolture Super Clinic. Since graduation, Nicolas has worked in the aged care sector where he focused on pain management and rehabilitation. Prior to working as a Physiotherapist, Nicolas spent five years operating his own personal training business, has also worked for several years as a tutor in Resistance Training, Anatomy and Biomechanics. His personal interests include powerlifting, mountain biking and cooking.

  • Sophia Meland Bachelor of Health Science, Master of Dietetic Studies (Dietitian)

Sophia completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition) in 2011 at the Queensland University of Technology and went on to complete a post-graduate Master of Dietetic Studies at the University of Queensland in 2013. Sophia has extensive experience helping clients on their weight loss journey. Sophia also focuses on a broad range of clinical conditions from chronic disease management in all ages, to food intolerances. Her personal interests include dancing, cooking and staying active at the gym.