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Shoulder Pain Tips From Your Physio

Caboolture Physio Shoulder

You Do Not Have To Put Up With Shoulder Pain… By Nicolas Mascali, Physiotherapist I come across many people who say that they have put up with shoulder pain for a long time and that they

Bulk Billed Physio, Psychologist, Podiatrist at Caboolture Super Clinic

Physio Caboolture Super Clinic

Government Systems Are In Place That Give You Up To FIVE Allied Health Visits Every Year – If You Qualify… Read through this short summary.  There are two ways that might work for you.  The

Bet You Didn’t Know – Just for Fun 2


Happy Christmas To One and All! Time for some Christmas fun!  Some Cracker Jokes first!  So why does Santa have THREE different gardens? A:  So he can HO HO HO… 2.  What nationality is Santa Claus? A:  North Polish! 3. 

Are Your Feet Hurting Or Need Some Tender Loving Care?

Podiatrist  – A Health Professional That Specializes In Treating Your Feet… You can visit our on-site podiatrist at the Caboolture Super Clinic.  Shaun Hopkins has a specialised practice in biomechanics and nail surgery – but is

Did You Know? Bulk Billed Psychology Services at Caboolture Super Clinic

Need Some Help? You can access bulk billed psychologist visits at the Super Clinic.  You first need to visit a GP and if it is appropriate for you – create a GP Mental Health Plan. 

Four New Afternoon Clinics – Skin, Ear Suction, Spirometry & Immunization

Special Clinics Caboolture

New Afternoon Special Clinics at Caboolture Super Clinic Great news.  To save you lots of time, and to ensure that you get the very best medical treatment – we have introduced four new Afternoon Special

Chronic Disease Sufferers Qualify For Additional Services With a Care Plan

Care Plan - Caboolture Super Clinic

A Care Plan Can Mean Extra, Free Services For Patients With Chronic Medical Conditions If you, or someone in your family has a chronic medical condition, and you do not yet know about Chronic Disease

Bet You Didn’t Know – Just For Fun 1


Bet You Didn’t Know… Most lipsticks contain fish-scales. The plastic bits on the end of shoelaces are called “aglets”. The “x”s that people sometimes put at the end of personal notes to mean a kiss actually begain

Autism Spectrum (ASD) – Financial Support


Helping Children With Autism Package This Australian Government Program provides support for families and carers of children 0-6 years with autism.  It has several components including: $12,000 of Early Intervention Therapy and Services until their 7th

Welcome to Dr Madhu and Dr Sonali

Caboolture Super Clinic is proud to welcome Dr Madhu Lakshmaiah and Dr Sonali Goonewardene to our great team of experienced GPs. Dr Madhu’s clinical interests include women’s and children’s health, respiratory health, and mental health. Dr