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Happy Christmas!

Bet You Didn’t Know… The first stop signs were black and white A KINDLE is a lesser known term for the family of kittens born to one cat! The fur of a polar bear is transparent… Dolphins have

Symptoms of Zinc Shortage Includes Hair Loss, Growth Problems, Impotence, Eye, Skin Problems

Persons aged 2 years and over - Proportion of population with inadequate zinc intakes

What Happens If Your Diet Is Short of Zinc? First of all – does a shortage of zinc actually happen in Australia?  Research (source) from the Australian Bureau of Statistics says “YES”. This chart for the

Do Your Feet Hurt? Some Common Podiatry Conditions

Do You Take Your Feet For Granted?  Insights on Foot Pain… Sometimes in life we just accept things, and move on.   Yes, sometimes our feet hurt.  But there is nothing much we can do –

Super Clinic Gym Super Deal Before Christmas

Get A Free Month Membership At Caboolture Super Clinic

Super Clinic Gym Super Deal & How To Stay Fit and Active This Christmas! First – before you read up on how to stay in shape this Christmas as you are faced with delightful choices

Hormone Replacement & Supplementation Part II – Online Quiz

The Menopause Symptom Rating Scale (Online) The Menopause Symptom Rating Scale was created for two reasons.  The first is that it gives you a list of different symptoms to consider and rate – which means

Shoulder Pain Tips From Your Physio

Caboolture Physio Shoulder

You Do Not Have To Put Up With Shoulder Pain… By Nicolas Mascali, Physiotherapist I come across many people who say that they have put up with shoulder pain for a long time and that they

Bulk Billed Physio, Psychologist, Podiatrist at Caboolture Super Clinic

Physio Caboolture Super Clinic

Government Systems Are In Place That Give You Up To FIVE Allied Health Visits Every Year – If You Qualify… Read through this short summary.  There are two ways that might work for you.  The

Bet You Didn’t Know – Just for Fun 2


Happy Christmas To One and All! Time for some Christmas fun!  Some Cracker Jokes first!  So why does Santa have THREE different gardens? A:  So he can HO HO HO… 2.  What nationality is Santa Claus? A:  North Polish! 3. 

Are Your Feet Hurting Or Need Some Tender Loving Care?

Podiatrist  – A Health Professional That Specializes In Treating Your Feet… You can visit our on-site podiatrist at the Caboolture Super Clinic.  Shaun Hopkins has a specialised practice in biomechanics and nail surgery – but is

Did You Know? Bulk Billed Psychology Services at Caboolture Super Clinic

Need Some Help? You can access bulk billed psychologist visits at the Super Clinic.  You first need to visit a GP and if it is appropriate for you – create a GP Mental Health Plan.