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Mental Health Services

The Caboolture Super Clinic offers comprehensive, bulk-billing mental health services including:

  • Specialist Psychiatry Services
  • Psychology Services

All mental health services at Caboolture Super Clinic are bulk-billed for eligible patients to ensure accessibility for all patients in need of such services.

Specialist Psychiatry Services

Dr Dushan Alponsu MBBS, MD Psychiatry, FRANZCP, IFAPA, is a specialist Psychiatrist and Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, American Psychiatric Association, and Member of the Sri Lanka College of Psychiatrists.  Dr Alponsu provides assessment and treatment of a wide range of mental disorders and has special interests in mood & anxiety disorders, electroconvulsive therapy and indigenous health.

Dr Alponsu provides bulk-billing private practice appointments. To arrange an appointment or referral, please contact the Caboolture Super Clinic by phoning (07) 5315 8888 or faxing (07) 5315 8877. The practice also accepts electronic correspondence by Medical Objects software.

Liaising with Health Professionals

Dr Alponsu is very happy to meet with general practices and other health professionals to gain a better understanding of how their practice works and to discuss services and supports that he may be able to provide to their patients. Dr Alponsu is always willing to speak with other health professionals over the telephone about any concerns they have regarding shared patients.

Making a referral for Specialist Psychiatry Services

When making a referral for specialist psychiatry services, it is important that the referral indicates if the assessment should be completed under Medicare Item 296 or Medicare Item 291.

Medicare Item 296 applies to an initial Psychiatric consultation in circumstances where the patient will likely require ongoing psychiatric management under Dr Alponsu.

Medicare Item 291 is a specific referral for an Assessment and Management Plan for patients who do not require ongoing psychiatric care, and whom the General Practitioner is happy to continue to manage. In this setting, a comprehensive assessment letter and 12 month management plan are provided. An assessment under Item 291 must be specifically requested by a General Practitioner.

If you are a General Practitioner and you are unsure whether your patient requires assessment under Item 296 or 291, you can request in your referral ‘for assessment and management under Item 291 if appropriate’. In this setting, Dr Alponsu can discuss these options with the patient at the time of consultation.

Is your patient in a crisis situation?

Is your patient in a severe crisis situation? In this case, it is more appropriate to refer the patient to the Acute Care Team at Caboolture Hospital for urgent psychiatric assessment and management.

Psychology Services

Terrence Rundell BSc(Psychology), Grad Dip Psychology, Post Grad Dip Psychology is a skilled Psychologist with additional graduate and post-graduate qualifications.  Terry manages GP-referred adult and paediatric patients and is skilled in the management of depression, anxiety and neuro-developmental disorders.

The Better Access initiative MBS items allows Medicare benefits to be provided for psychological therapy provided by clinical psychologists and focussed psychological strategies. At Caboolture Super Clinic, this is bulk-billed for eligible patients ensuring universal access. This allows up to ten allied mental health services in a calender year, and in exceptional circumstances an additional six services.

In order for a patient to be eligible, for bulk-billed psychology services the patient must be referred by a GP managing a patient under a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan, or referred by a medical practitioner who is managing the patient under a referred psychiatrist assessment and management plan (item 291); or on referral from a psychiatrist or a paediatrician.