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Hormone Replacement & Supplementation Part II – Online Quiz

The Menopause Symptom Rating Scale (Online)

The Menopause Symptom Rating Scale was created for two reasons.  The first is that it gives you a list of different symptoms to consider and rate – which means you get a broader perception of the changes that may be happening for you.

The second is that the scoring sets up a baseline so that you can compare your symptoms AFTER you receive supplementation (if you have some).

It is a fairly simple set of questions (11 of them), but extremely useful.

Interpretation is best done by a GP who is full trained and experienced with the scale, and who also is able to ask you more questions that will shed even more light on what is happening for you.

In general terms, if you have symptoms which may be concerning to you – then definitely get medical advice.  Regardless of your score in this or other analyses. Hormones can be extremely complicated – so consider getting the right help (rather than heading to over the counter herbs or other treatments).

The following quiz asks the eleven questions, and gives you a score.  At the end of the final question you can enter your email address if you would like your Quiz Results emailed to you.  (The Results are shown, but the email will send you a PDF you can keep for reference or bring with you should you visit our hormone doctors.)

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