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Health Care Homes Information Summary

If you have been directed to this page, it is because you may qualify for extra benefits under this new program.   Caboolture Super Clinic was the first clinic in Queensland to be registered to offer this program to its patients.  Should you qualify and be enrolled, you will be able to immediately benefit from:

  • Having all your health information in one place.  This means all your health care providers can access it (with your permission), to ensure your health care is being optimised.  This is especially important if you have chronic or complex health conditions.  This does not sound all that exciting - but it is a major improvement in the organizing of your health information.  And there is nothing for you to do - it is all done by your clinic.
  • You will be eligible for up to 5 free (bulk billed) visits each year to your allied health team.  This includes physiotherapist, podiatrist, psychologist, exercise physiologist, audiologist, dietitian and others.  There is no payment needed from you for these sessions.  (It is worthwhile being in the Health Care Homes program just to get these sessions!)
  • You will receive a Woolworths Group Gift Card to the value of $20. This is a small thank you from us for being part of the program.  
  • The program is available for patients of all ages.  The primary focus is improving the management of chronic and complex conditions - and will benefit all patients who qualify.  You are welcome to complete the process for each member of your family who you believe may qualify.

What Do You Need To Do To Find Out if You Qualify?

Your first step is to quickly complete the short survey which helps to determine your eligibility.  The survey will take about 4 minutes to finish, and the questions are multiple choice (and easy!)  As the number of places in the program is very limited (and filling quickly), please do the survey immediately as we want to be sure you do not miss out. 

That is all you have to do. Our Clinic team will go through all of your responses, and if you quality - will forward a (very short) form to complete.  This can now be done online, or you can print and return the form to the Super Clinic.  We will then enter you (and perhaps some other members of your family) into the Health Care Homes Program.

There is no obligation to enrol in this program, and you can simply opt-out of it at any time if you wish.  There is no payment required - it is free to you.  We believe that eventually this will be offered to millions more Australians - but for now it is very limited numbers.

We will forward more information after you complete the short survey - but the main thing to remember is that should you qualify, our team will look after everything for you, and set everything up for you.

If other members of your family have a complex or chronic condition, you may complete the survey for them (if children), or invite them to this webpage.  If your children may qualify, then when completing the survey for them - put both your name and theirs in the survey box.  (In the box that says "Your Full Name", put BOTH your names - there is plenty of room.)

Spaces are extremely limited - do complete the survey now (don't put it off until later - you may miss out.)

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