Are You Looking for the Ideal

Work-Life Balance as a Successful GP in Brisbane Region?  Or Are You Looking To Earn The Maximum Possible Income?  You Choose...

Our DWS Location Clinic Offers You The Flexibility To Prescribe Your Own Work Levels...

And We Promise You WILL Generate More Income In The Same Work-Hours Using Our System...

Whether You Are Already in the Region,  Wanting to Come to This Fabulous Region from Other Parts of Australia,  or from UK, Ireland or NZ  - This May Be Your Ideal New Base.  You Can Choose Your Own Combination of Income, Hours Worked,  and "Speed" of Work.  Choose To Live Near the Beach, In a Small Town, or In Brisbane City...

GP Positions Available
GP Positions North Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

How Important To You Is Being Able To Choose Your Own Work-Life Rules?

This is an introduction to a unique combination that gives you the opportunity to live and work in a way that most GPs simply cannot do.    

Considering a Change?   Here Are Four Things To Consider When Choosing Your Next Practice

First Section - Income  Is Really Important

We all need to have it.  And depending on your situation, it might be the main thing, or it might just be something to "tick off" on the list.   In this brand new, beautiful clinic - you have decide it is what you want - the patient flow will support you having gross billings well over $3,000 per day.  If that is what your ideal position looks like.  TICK.

If your wish is instead to take your time, and cruise through your sessions - that is fine too.   And if you want to work a few sessions a week, and then go surfing or play with your children or write your book.  No drama.  Choose your own speed, and let the income be what it is.  

Our Practice is designed to be able to employ the best nursing staff to help you work efficiently.  You are free from the stress, hassle and time drains that running your own practice creates.  Accreditation.  Hiring and training and firing and pay staff.  Even cleaning, maintenance and ordering supplies - none is your concern.  TICK.

UPDATE:  If maximizing your income is your highest priority - then contact us now to find out how our clinic system will give you better income than any other GP Clinic in Australia.  Guaranteed.

Second Section - Great Support & Great Environment

In this recently completed Architect-designed Clinic - everything is modern.  Your consulting rooms are perfect.  Your support team is highly trained.  Your admin chores are minimized by your staff.  You have the latest in equipment and supplies.  

Everyone around you is trained to keep things running smoothly.  You have dedicated Care Plan Nurses ready to go.  And there are specialist clinics running alongside to give you support if needed.  All Allied Health is right in the building - no fuss.  TICK.

After hours?  Nope.   Access to specialist clinics and special areas of interest?  Yes - on site.  Allied health on site (refer to them or not).  Acute Care Clinic on site - if that is your interest.    Perfect for practicing medicine without being caught up in HR or Accounting or the other tasks that you do not enjoy.

Everything is designed so that you can simply do what you are best at.  TICK.  

Third Section - Where Do You Want To Live?

Your Clinic is about half-way between Brisbane and the perfectly named Sunshine Coast.   In about half an hour you can be in the Sunny Coast Hinterland - or in the trendy inner suburbs of Brisbane.   Tons of excellent schools for your children, universities everywhere, and a complete range of marvelous dwellings to make your home.   No matter what your preference - you will find it nearby.  TICK.

There is no other perfect combination of patient flow, clinic quality, team support and stupendous lifestyle choice like this.  It is unique.

If you are currently not living in Australia - we are able to help you with the slightly grinding process to get your Visa and Sponsorships sorted.   And we will help with organizing everything we can to help make your move less hassle.  Simple things like finding accommodation when you are new to town, lists of schools to consider, finding a vehicle that suits you, showing you how things work here.  

Last Section - You Are Invited to Check Us Out.  No Pressure Tactics.  No Recruitment Agents Putting a Price On Your Head.  Only A Great Team Looking For More Players.

You can talk directly to us, person-to-person.  And know exactly where you are.  If you are a good fit - you will be offered a position.  If our clinic is a great fit for you - you will join us.  And if things go a little awry - we will work hard to fix it - immediately and with zest.  We want our GPs to be both excited and content.

There are a few horror stories about agencies, but most agencies are fine.  The difference is that recruitment agencies must push you to all the clinics with a price tag on your head - that is how they get paid.   Your ultimate happiness and whether it works out well is not their concern at all.    

So - you are invited to drop us a line and find out more.   At the moment we have room for you, and several more.  We have the room for you because the clinic is still only a year old, and it is designed for growth.  And GPs are joining us from all over the world.  Some are full-time, others part-time.    Every one of them has the freedom to create their own work-life balance - and each does it slightly differently.  

"I enjoy working here."

"I enjoy the variety of work, I enjoy the acute care and always feel well supported by the nursing and reception staff."

Sam McClean.

"On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is no chance and 10 is definitely - how likely is it that you would recommend this clinic to a fellow doctor looking for a position?"

"10.  And I have already referred a colleague of mine to Ken."