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Four New Afternoon Clinics – Skin, Ear Suction, Spirometry & Immunization

New Afternoon Special Clinics at Caboolture Super Clinic

Great news.  To save you lots of time, and to ensure that you get the very best medical treatment – we have introduced four new Afternoon Special Clinics.  We will soon also be introducing a Women’s Health Clinic (Read more down the page)  Clinics will generally run from 3pm to 5pm on these days.

Mondays – Immunization Clinic

On Mondays afternoon is our Immunization Clinic.  This is great time to keep your children up to date with their immunization schedule.  Adults can obtain flu shots and boosters in these clinics too.

Tuesdays – Spirometry Clinic

Spirometry Clinic is for breathing disorders.  This includes asthma, emphysema, COPD and other breathing disorders.

Thursdays – Ear Suction Clinic

Your Super Clinic has invested in a world class microscope for viewing into your ears to ensure the correct treatment is used.  Excess wax can build up in your ears, which may cause problems with hearing and infection.

Fridays – Skin Clinic

This is the perfect time and place to arrange for a check of those worrying spots, lumps and things that might be skin cancers.  If something a little concerning is found, our team is highly experienced with taking biopsies and doing excisions.  This clinic is ideal for taking care of the very real concerns we all have about our skin – do not put this off.

To attend any of these Afternoon Clinics, call the Reception Team on 07 5315 8888 for more information and to book an appointment.


Coming Soon:  Women’s Health Clinic.   Our Specialist GP is trained in the use of the Mirena Hormone Releasing Contraceptive System.   Info Here.

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