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Do Your Feet Hurt? Some Common Podiatry Conditions

Do You Take Your Feet For Granted?  Insights on Foot Pain…

Sometimes in life we just accept things, and move on.   Yes, sometimes our feet hurt.  But there is nothing much we can do – is there?

In my fantasy world, a magical genie commands a wonderful creature to appear magically in front of me – complete with some nice oils and potions – and then I receive a foot massage that makes my eyebrows tingle.    The worries of the day are dissolved faster than the knots and bumps that are gently released from my feet.    Trouble is, I seem to have lost my Magic Lamp…

Podiatrist Caboolture

Shaun Hopkins – Podiatrist Caboolture Super Clinic

I have experimented with foot spas and strange machines that massage my feet, but mostly I end up just leaving them in the cupboard.  Another answer might be to see a podiatrist.

With the goal of uncovering some sources of pain relief I interviewed Podiatrist Shaun Hopkins to get a better idea about foot pain.

JH:  Shaun – what are some causes of foot pain?

SH:  Some of the most common causes are rheumatiod arthritis, reduced fat pad and plantar fasciitis.  These sound complicated, but once you have a clear diagnosis, there are some things you can do to reduce the pain.   There are some fantastic new materials now available that can be customized precisely to suit your feet.  These orthotics work like shock absorbers and can make a huge difference to your pain and swelling.  You have to get them just right to get the best results, but it is worth the extra effort.

JH: What other things cause foot pain?

SH:  The next group of items are scar tissue under your feet, corns and callouses, diabetic foot ulcers and unresolved plantar warts.  Again the key is correct diagnosis as sometimes there may be more than one condition going on.   A good podiatrist will be able to determine exactly what needs to be done, and then get you moving quickly on that plan so you get solid relief.  One of the tools for this group of conditions is called “pressure relief orthoses”.  These are designed to deflect and reduce pressure on the painful spots – and spread the pressure to other parts of the soles of your feet.  The key is to get the right combination of these orthotics so you can walk and stand without pain.   And when the right orthotics are used it also helps reduce the extra skin growth that happens – so you need to visit your podiatrist less often!

JH:  I always thought orthotics were just for flat feet?

SH:  There are several types with different uses.  If you have collapsed arches or flat feet as they are called, you may need rigid orthotics to hold your arches up.  If the orthotic you use is too rigid, it will mostly just irritate your feet rather than help you – and if too soft, will not do the job.  So the again – getting it just right is very important, and the reason why it is usually better to have customized orthotics rather than just buy a “standard” one of the shelf at the discount chemist.

Orthotics also have a great use for conditions like shin splints and tendonitis.  In the old days, most orthotics were very rigid and were made of polypropylene (hard plastic).   These days a good podiatrist will ensure you are fitted with the right level of rigidity – which makes a huge difference to both comfort and effect.  When the right orthotic with the right rigidity level is customised to perfectly suit the contours of your feet – it can make a massive difference to even the flattest of  feet.

JH:  Do you have access to these latest technologies for foot pain and support?

SH:  Good question.  There is a wide range of different compounds, shapes and combinations that we coordinate for you to ensure the best results.  A lot of the time these have technical sounding names like Richie Dynamic Assisted and Hinge Pivot Braces.  And we customize each component to ensure best results for your feet and legs.

JH:  Thanks Shaun – I have a far better idea about my foot pain now – and I know more about what Podiatrists do.  Now – you regularly visit the Caboolture Super Clinic?  What else do I need to know?

SH:  Yes James – I will be at the Super Clinic for 2 days a week starting in the new year.  Patients can make appointments with reception there, or use the Super Clinic Online Booking.  Some patients can be seen for free – those with DVA, or Care Plans, or through the new Health Care Homes Program if they qualify.   Orthotics are not usually covered by these systems, so most people will need to make payments for orthotics.  Some health funds do cover all or part the cost of custom orthotics.

JH:  Thanks Shaun.

Ok.  In the absence of me finding my Magic Lamp – I believe I will be getting a customized version of the very latest in orthotics for my rather unhappy feet!


You Can Arrange To See Shaun At The Super Clinic for All Your Foot Problems.


Ps – News just in – from very early January Super Clinic will have a brand new HICAPS facility.  This means you if you have Private Health Insurance it is very convenient to organize payments.


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