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Chronic Disease Sufferers Qualify For Additional Services With a Care Plan

A Care Plan Can Mean Extra, Free Services For Patients With Chronic Medical Conditions

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If you, or someone in your family has a chronic medical condition, and you do not yet know about Chronic Disease Management Plans – then read this article.  You may be eligible for extra services (like physiotherapy) – that can help you a great deal.

It can get a little complicated – but it really is worth investigating.  Contact us at the Super Clinic and we will help find out what you are entitled to.  

In a nutshell, a person with a chronic or terminal medical condition can have a GP Management Plan (GPMP) created for them.  If a person has that chronic condition AND also has complex care needs, you can also have a Team Care Arrangement (TCA).  Yes – that does sound complicated.  The thing to remember is that when you have either or both of these documents created for you – you become eligible for other Allied Health services (for free).

What is “Allied Health” Service?

Great question.  Allied Health Professionals are licenced healthcare practitioners or providers give preventive, curative, or rehabilitative health care.  This group includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, podiatrists, exercise physiologists, dietitians, and other very useful people.  With Care Plans – you may qualify for free treatment – so it is worth checking out.

What are some Chronic Diseases?

According to the Health Department, a chronic medical condition is one that has been (or is likely to be) present for 6 months or longer.  For example: diabetes, musculoskeletal conditions, stroke, asthma and cancer.  The care plan system is designed for people who need a structured approach to the their care.  This system helps GPs plan and coordinate patient care when there are complex conditions – that need ongoing care from a team of different health professionals.

What Do You Need To Do?  And What Can You Get?

Your only step is to contact the Super Clinic and enquire whether a Care Plan (or TCA) is suitable for you.  Our team will sort through the details and guide you.

If you are eligible – you can claim  a maximum of FIVE allied health services per calendar year.  If you have diabetes there may be additional services you may be eligible for.  Your GP (and our Specialist Care Plan Nurses) will determine how to get the best value for you.

If you are suffering a chronic condition – then call the Super Clinic on 07 5315 8888 and ask for more information.  The reception team may take your details and arrange for the Specialist Care Plan Nurse to call you back.

This is a great system which may be a great help for you – so we strongly suggest you find out if you are eligible – and we are happy to help.



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