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Bulk Billed Physio, Psychologist, Podiatrist at Caboolture Super Clinic

Government Systems Are In Place That Give You Up To FIVE Allied Health Visits Every Year – If You Qualify…

Read through this short summary.  There are two ways that might work for you.  The first is Care Plans, the second is Health Care Homes.

Physio Caboolture Super ClinicFirst – What is “Allied Health”?

It is the term for the group of health professionals who are not doctors.  It includes Physios, Podiatrists, Dietitians, Psychologists and Exercise Physiologists.

Second – How Can You Get Bulk Billed Sessions With Them?

Like many things to do with the government, they like to make things a bit complicated.  So – do read this article and follow the links below – but remember that you can simply call us at the Super Clinic and we will help you work out if you are eligible and set everything up for you.

To Start With – To Qualify For These Free Visits You Must Have a Chronic or Complex Health Condition, or a Terminal Condition

According to the Health Department, a chronic medical condition is one that has been (or is likely to be) present for 6 months or longer.  For example: diabetes, musculoskeletal conditions, stroke, asthma and cancer.  These are the conditions listed by the government – but there are others – so ask us!

You Must Also Have a Condition That Requires Treatment from Someone Other Than a Doctor

This does make sense – otherwise why else would the doctor need to send you to a physio or psychologist or podiatrist or exercise physiologist?

If you tick both these boxes (Chronic condition and need to see someone not a doctor) you probably qualify for a Care Plan.   So call the Super Clinic and find out more.

So the first way to get bulk billed Allied Health treatment is through the chronic disease management care plans.  There is another, new way, that you may also qualify – but currently only through the Caboolture Super Clinic.

The Health Care Homes Program is a brand new system that may also apply to you.  If you do qualify – then you may be able to access Allied Health treatments.  To find out – you go through a survey process plus a brief review of your health history – easy.

The bottom line is that if you have a chronic condition you may qualify for bulk billed sessions with these very talented people – and we have a great team of allied health professionals that visit the Super Clinic regularly.

To find out if you qualify for a Health Care Homes Membership (It is free, and can be for both adults and children) – please contact Reception.  They will give you the link to an online survey – which you can do either at the Super Clinic or at your home.   If that survey shows that you could use some extra support, and that you (or your children) have complex and chronic conditions – then you may qualify.

If you qualify, you may be eligible for the same FIVE bulk billed visits with Allied Health that you would be with a Care Plan.  (Note that you cannot have 5 visits from each!)

Caboolture Super Clinic is the first Health Centre in Queensland to offer this program to patients.

There is a limited number of places – so if you think you may qualify – please contact us as soon as possible to get on the list!  Please call Reception on 5315 8888 and ask for information.




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